Lapsap Album Cover Revealed

On Saturday 18 April, Blink and XU launched Lapsap’s 1st double CD release at Barsonic. As promised, we reveal the album cover art for Durian & Mangosteen right here.

In an e-mail interview with Blink last Friday 17 April, he revealed that the cover art was a group effort. “The Lapsap artwork team consists of Seong, Martin, Vijay and us (Blink and XU), but we had help from our friend Siong Wee for the illustration and Skinner for the photography.” Both covers feature vastly differing styles with Durian making us think of Atari computer games and Mangosteen making us think of … um, impure thoughts and weird squishy anatomy.

The Lapsap pair will be travelling the world this summer so the album comes just in time to tide fans over in between their moments of absence. Blink will be travelling from 6-17 May following his British Council Music Entrepreneur win. The Lapsap duo meanwhile will be on tour from 14-29 June.

Make sure you have your Lapsap CDs so you don’t get withdrawal symtoms. Two badges at RM33 gets you the 2CD Durian & Mangosteen for free. For info, e-mail [email protected].