Lapsap 1st Anniversary @ Palate Palette

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Text Kevin Yeoh
Images Blink

My my my. How fast they have grown. We’ve been there since day one and now they are one year old already. How time flies. They made us say “You look so Lapsap today,” which has made the name turned into some sort of a branding. Xu and Blink definitely sets the bar really high for a lot of people to follow up on. It was a chance for people to rock out their best outfits/costumes without worrying what is right or wrong. It was also a chance for everyone to just party without any pretense, so do whatever you want to do. Sweat patches are welcomed here. Ahem.

People were there early loading up the limited free flows of Heineken and 42Below to get a head start to a swinging good time. People were cozying it up at every corner with smiles and laughter. Disposable cameras were passed around to capture this special night of mayhem. Roping in DJs namely The Beens from Germany and Has from Singapore, who tore the roof off the night of happy, sweaty party people packing upstairs and downstairs of Palate Palette. The place was so hot, Has took off his t-shirt displaying some skin, that probably got a lot of girlies (and fellas) wanting some cold shower. People danced the whole night through with their hands up in the air, showing Lapsap love. Even those who were hanging downstairs were enjoying each other. There were so much love. Awwwww…

One year of Lapsap partying has been one of the biggest highlights in our lives, we can still smell the first event. Lapsap actually made our KL-lites even more colourful and obtain that don’t-give-a-sh!t attitude by just being their party-self, with no limits. JUICE wishes to slap some kisses on Blink and Xu’s cheeks- here’s to more anniversaries!

Lapsap 1st Anniversary was held at Palate Palette on July 23rd. Keep locking into their next adventure at

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