source: LA/PA

Neighbourhood Soulfood
The story of the boys from Quar/Tet continues in Telawi with their latest venture LA/PA, a witty play on lapar (if you hadn’t got it yet – hungry in Malay) with no reason for the slash besides the fact that it’s probably the most hipster thing to do after spelling Us as Vs. Armed with knowledge and experience from their first F&B shop in TTDI along with a bucketload of artisanal ingredients, they’re taking LA/PA to the big game. This is not just another hole in the wall cafe à la Quar/Tet; it’s a restaurant that takes itself rather seriously.

Situated on the same row as Alexis – right next to Ashley’s – the architecture of LA/PA allows for a healthy dosage of natural light to shine on patterned wooden veneers with blue and white accents. It’s a smart blend of the industrial and the vintage designed by FRAL from the top down – everything from the glass frontage to the customised tables which accommodate designated cutlery trappings. The bold vision that they’ve taken with the aesthetics here extends deep into the kitchen as well. Fancy having a rack of lamb paired with ratatouille? Or maybe even nut-coated barramundi with a side of sweet potato fries? Well, this is probably the only place in KL that you’re going to get it at the moment. They’ve also got an eclectic array of sandwiches and normal comforts food ranging from basic lamb sliders to ones with quinoa patties and sesame seed brioches that aren’t necessarily the best in the world, but are interesting (and yummy!) enough to at be given a shot.

Their drinks are also rather interesting, though not necessarily in the same way. They do the basics well enough – their blacks and whites are top-of-the-line, and we’d come back for their ice-cold latte any day. But carbonated (or raspberry-infused, for that matter) coffee just isn’t for us. LA/PA’s also got a milk bar for our lactophilic hearts, and cold-pressed juices for when we feel guilty for consuming all those delectable milkshakes from the aforementioned bar.

Just pop on over and try something new at LA/PA – there’s bound to be plenty you’ll enjoy, even if there are several hit-or-miss items on the menu. We hear that they’re bringing some of our favourites from Quar/Tet over too, so there’s that for the regulars. All in all, lovely ambience, and we like the fresh take on food in general. We were all starting to get sick of standard café fare anyway, weren’t we?

T: 03 2201 4395
OPEN: 8AM – 11PM (MON – SUN)