Roast Suckling Pig, Falafel, Ramen, Brit Pub Food, and Heck, Even a Halal Burger Bar – All at Laneway Festival Singapore ‘17

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The Singaporean edition of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival has always had a delectable selection of F&B vendors – it’s the Southeast Asian leg of the festival, damn right it’s got the best bites! This isn’t just our regional bias talking either, its Australian partners agree as much; Laneway Festival Singapore serves better food than their Australian counterpart.

So, for this coming iteration of the music festival, its curation of vendors rivals the music lineup in sheer palate diversity. Korean fried chicken, Spanish tapas, fusion Cantonese cuisine, coconut water – it’s got everything to nourish you throughout the day-long festival.

Have a look at a choice selection of vendors below:

Caffe Vergnano 1882


The oldest family-owned coffee roasters from Italy brings their heritage brew to the festival.

Pip Pam by FOC


This gastro-bodega from a small nook of Orchard Road offers some of those renowned ‘pim pam’ – ‘quick and easy’ in Spanish – lunchtime tapas in a festival setting.



What is there to say? Raw, fresh, pure Thai coconut water.

Coffee Bandits


Coffee Bandits will come with their food truck, and hopefully a sampling of their exciting new menu from their newly opened café Fuel Coffee.

Full of Luck Club


Known for their incredible baos, roasts, dim sums, noodles, and other Cantonese snacks, Full of Luck Club by Li Bai will serve bao and golden sand corn with salted egg yolk at Laneway.

Iskina Cebu


Roast suckling pig was our Laneway Festival Singapore ’16 highlight – we’re expecting the same deal here.

Kko Kko Nara


KFC means only one thing to Asians – Korean Fried Chicken, sorry Colonel. Kko Kko Nara is a pioneer of that in Singapore – and they aren’t of the fast food variety.

Ninja Bowl


You’re that health conscious even at a festival? Thank lawd for Ninja Bowl’s made-for-the-fit grain bowls.



Ice pops that are friendly to everyone. Food restrictions, allergies, and intolerances be damned.

Project Açaí


Antioxidant rich açaí bowls to reenergise yourself after forcing your way through the front row for five consecutive live acts.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King


2011 Ramen Champion, Mr. Keisuke Takeda, has opened 11 outlets in Singapore since 2011 – now he’s got a pop-up one at Laneway.

Sidecar Sausages


Sausages, bruv. Festival staple.

The Banyan Tamarind Foods


Vegan or just generally not a big fan of meat? Get your world gourmet vegetarian food done fast-food style at the Banyan Tamarind Foods stall.

Working Title


Muslim punters needn’t worry about whether their festival snack is kosher or not, Working Title is setting up a halal burger bar at Laneway. Keep an eye out for their smoothies too!

But of course, expect more F&B vendors this Saturday at Laneway Festival Singapore ’17.

Keep updated on the festival’s full list of vendors by following their Facebook page.