VIDEO: We ‘Love’ Lana Del Rey as a Space Goddess

Queen of the faux-indie music scene, Lana Del Rey, makes a splashing comeback with new lead single ‘Love’ from her still untitled fifth studio album, which is anticipated for a release next year, Interscope Records stated.

After a rather far-flung year in 2016 and a flop album in Honeymoon (2015), the sadcore, baroque-Americana songstress seems to be back on track. ‘Love’ boasts a fairly fresh and dissimilar modicum of melody. Though possessing the usual haunting and formidable Lana Del Rey flavour, the track introduces a more tender, almost maternal-like approach with the instruments and lyrics.

Debuting the video just yesterday (20 February ’17), Lana assures the kids not to worry about being young and in love even if it gets a little crazy while dancing in a white dress in space.

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