LAJOIN Union Brings New Restaurant and Retail Technology to Malaysia

Recently, LAJOIN Union Grand Ma Jilong Glass had a press conference at the Palace of the Golden Horses. Taiwan’s Xin Yi general manager of information Huang Yihuang, Ding Yu, general manager of Greater China within Intel, He Yi Lin Nakai; and Associate VP Technology Collaborative Taiwan and Trade Bureau, Xiao Zhuren Asianmac Sdn Bhd general manager, Lin Kaixiong were present to share about the challenges that retailers and restauranteurs face in Malaysia and how they could provide solutions via technology.

In Taiwan and China, the restaurant and retail industries have become increasingly developed and aggressive. Whether RFID intelligent ordering, KDS applications, or electronic payments; the industry optimises the entire process and supply chain by reducing the chance of logistical errors and improving the efficiency of their manpower.

For the retail sector, whether it is shopping via QR 2.0 or the RFID application, technology also allows consumers to select and purchase merchandise without ever leaving their homes. By incorporating virtual hybrid merchandise display racks to reduce the trouble of cargo going up and down to replenish stocks, the rate of loss of goods is reduced to a minimum. The new interactive shopping QR screen allows consumers to have a new experience when shopping, and in the future you can also add a host or anchor, enhancing the whole shopping experience.

LAJOIN Union also makes big data content when in the process of creating solutions. The latest model of face recognition can effectively distinguish the business field to adjust the content, promotional merchandise and other factors in order to achieve better results. Consolidated data via LAJOIN Union’s Cankaoziliao also allows administrators to keep an eye on every corner of the store or restaurant.

At the press conference, the audience were introduce to all systems by LAJOIN Union including QR shopping wall 2.0, RFID clicking goods, electronic payment, face recognition, intelligent ordering, KDS applications, and others. Through the ingenuity of LAJOIN Union, guests got to test and experience the intelligent IT systems set-up stalls in a familiar MAKMAK-system setting live.