Lain Lain

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Seasoned DJ-producer CEE, his fellow Detour Asia partner reesh9000, and Borneon Renry Hollins will be spinning for a different kind of night at Pisco this Friday – thusly named Lain Lain. We’ve been advised to expect a rather eclectic playlist since it’s going to be a pairing of bass, beats, and a myriad of genres that blend together cohesively. There’s no cover fee or bottle entry (real generous, guys), however, there are bottle promotions for everyone’s enjoyment such as RM340 for a bottle of Absolut, RM380 for Chivas, and RM100 for a jug of Cosmopolitan — we’ll have all three of those, thanks.

In the meantime, listen to the latest JUICE Curates by Renry Hollins himself below:

More information on the event here