Lady Sov’s Hissy Fit

What’s new right? Lady Sovereign’s behaviour has always been associated back to her music on stage and she’s always amusing. The person who filmed this at her Rickshaw Stop show in San Francisco said on the video’s YouTube page that it is only one quarter of the rant. Knowing Lady Sov’s mouth, we are not the least bit surprised with this b*tchfit at the 24 May show on Fell Street.


The 24-year-old English rap sensation from Wembley actually went on with her rants longer than what the video reveals. This YouTube video captured by ‘ltdedloser’ thought Lady Sov was actually going to start another song, but she didn’t. She continued to swear off the venue and the sound system in Rickshaw Stop.

The person who uploaded this called Lady Sov ‘the biggest midget-rant in the game.’ LOL!

Go check the 1s and 2s of Lady Soverign at Don’t start a fight with her now!