lady sov goes off the hinges. we have it on tape.

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What? Don’t tell me you’re actually surprised? The other Chav Princess, not content with only matching record sales by contemporaries Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, has also gotten into the habit of making a complete berk of herself in public. Lady Sovereign, Jay-Z’s pick for Def Jam’s British Invasion (yeah, he knows how to pick’em, doesn’t he) had some choice words for an American audience two songs into a performance in Brooklyn recently. Among the main points of her extended rant were these gems:
“I’ve got to do this for the money. I’m so broke right now.”
“You’ve got to understand – I’ve just got out of depression, yeah?”
“This is really painful for me. You wouldn’t understand.”
“F@&% America.”
Oh, come on. That was a bit too much, wunnit? I mean, we’re all broke. I understand the other bits, sure.
Can someone say “Miss Dynamite in the You Ess Aye”?