LISTEN: Lady Gaga’s ‘The Cure’ Brings Back Old Gaga Pop Vibes

In the midst of Gaga’s 18-song set show at Coachella last Saturday – an amazing set that included some of Gaga’s signature hits – the Queen dropped a dancehall-inspired synthpop song that was reminiscent of an early Lady Gaga, or more specifically, Artpop Gaga (remember ‘Do What U Want’?). ‘The Cure’ is a piece of work that is freshly given to us live just five months after the release of her soft rock LP Joanne, an album where Gaga put down her meat dress, grandiose persona, and got emotionally naked in numbers like ‘Million Reasons’. So it was a pleasant surprise that her latest pop single is less experimental, with subtler electronic beats that emphasise on Lady Gaga’s power vocals, a major contrast to the clanging of sounds in ‘Born This Way’. ‘The Cure’ sits in between her glam pop genre and the modest sounds of her more recent work.

Check it out below:

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