Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for H&M Holiday ’14 campaign

Bennett and Gaga holiday campaign

Yes, yes. We know the whole lot of you out there are on the edge of your seats with the H&M x Alexander Wang collection, which will only be out in stores worldwide on 6 November, but we’re sorry – our lips are sealed about what’s in store in that collection until mid-October. Believe us, we’re biting our tongues real hard on this, argh!

But in the meantime, there’s other wonderful news brewing at the H&M headquarters. The familiar faces to be on the H&M Winter ’14 collection campaign are revealed, and they are Lady Gaga, one of our generation’s most prominent pop stars that brings the worlds of music and fashion together in the most unusual way, and 17-time Grammy winner Tony Bennett.

A rather bizarre couple, you say? Well, we thought so too, but hey – what’s ever “normal” when it has anything to do with Lady Gaga, really?

In lightof their much anticipated collaborative album, Cheek to Cheek, to be released on 23 September, Lady and Tony are feeling rather generous this Yuletide season, as they will be appearing in H&M’s upcoming collection campaign, which will appear in ads in the print media, online as well as on billboards all around the world.

Everything is still under wraps at the moment, but we promise you, our dear JUICE readers, you’ll be the first to hear all about it when the ball drops.

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