Lacelle Diamond: The Contact Lens You Need to Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

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Do you know that different coloured contact lenses help enhance different eyeshadow colours? Additionally, the rise of shadow palettes means it’s the perfect time to play around with shades and looks.


Eyes are famously said to be the window to the soul, so give your glasses a rest and remove the extra distraction from your eyes. Better yet, replace your boring ol’ transparent contact lenses for a pair of contacts that mimic the light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond. Sounds surreal? It’s because these are like jewellery for the eyes, and Lacelle Diamond by Bausch + Lomb has three exquisite shades for you to choose from.

Cosmetic lenses are nothing new in the market, which is why we’re all spoilt for choice! When it comes to a trustworthy brand, look no further than Bausch + Lomb – pioneer of soft contact lenses that have been proven to last the day with great ease and comfort. With a reputation as one of the world’s largest eye care provider, Bausch + Lomb has expanded into many areas to make eyewear more fun; the Lacelle Diamond range is one of them. Good news is, the daily disposable function of the Lacelle Diamond means you never have to worry about hygiene or the dreadful anxiety of not bringing your contact lens case for storage.


So how do we make the best out of the Lacelle Diamond contact lenses? We decorate them, of course. The design of the Lacelle Diamond may seem intimidating at first, but once they’re blended in with dark eye colours, they produce a subdued glimmer that is more natural than you think. To enhance the effect of the Lacelle Diamond lenses, here are three very simple eye tricks you can follow to make each of the lens colours pop like never before.

Aqua Glacier


Green eyes are magnetic and refreshing. If you identify as the cool girl who is all about being bold, charismatic and ambitious, then this is the shade for you. In contrast, green eyes go extremely well with rich browns that help neutralise the glacier-like shine so go all out with brown eyeliner and eyeshadow pans that are on the darker sides. Matte browns go extremely well on the day while shimmery or satin brown eyeshadow transforms it into a sexy night look.



Champagne Brown


Who says brown eyes are boring? With the Lacelle Diamond ‘Champagne Brown’ shade, you have a wider option since brown contact lenses are the most versatile. Balance out the warmth in your eyes by experimenting with coloured eyeliner or coloured eyeshadows applied to your lower lash line or upper lash line. The possibilities are endless so you can never ever go wrong with a little bit of fun and brightness to accentuate the mysteriousness of brown eyes.



Pink Rose


Pink is girly, sweet, and feminine. When it comes to pink eyes and makeup, you don’t have to go to cosplay territory to find a good eye look. You can however, opt to match the colour of your lenses with your eyeshadow this time around, instead of applying contrasting shades. The design of the ‘Pink Rose’ isn’t overwhelmingly pink, but if you want to use it for a special event, then make it double the pink by standing out. And since 80s’ aesthetics are making a comeback, this is your chance to go full on Jem and the Holograms.


Keen on trying out these ultra pretty colours? Be on the lookout for contests and updates here or head onto the official website to play around with the colour matcher to know which lenses suit you best.

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