La Roux: Quicksand

Techni-coloured London synth duo, La Roux, is a combination of singer Elly Jackson and production partner Ben Langmaid. Claiming that they don’t listen to anything apart from 80s music, La Roux rides the retro-wave.

Fortunately for us, La Roux (which means ‘the red haired one’ in French) only picks up the good stuff and discards that cheesy disposable bollocks that the music industry tried to pass off as proper music then. All the same, while they harness the power of the past, La Roux is very much grounded in the present, drawing comparisons to Justice and Ladyhawke as much as they do to pioneers like Eurythmics and Depeche Mode. Their first single ‘Quicksand’ was released by Kitsune Music last November, and judging by their savvy music video, La Roux looks ready to add some colour to 2009.

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