Kyoto Protocol: Rock Code of Conduct

No, the Kyoto Protocol here isn’t the UN climate change agreement but an experimental, raw-sounding local band that are reinventing the punk rock genre. With a wildly expressive delivery influenced by the likes of The Clash and Queens of the Stone Age, KP consist of 5 fun-loving males who decided to band together to explore the frontiers of experimental rock.

Their 1st single ‘Pussycat’ is reminiscent of a no holds barred, 80s rock band with lead vocalist Fuad Alhabshi wailing “What’s new pussycat?” and sounding like he’s smoked a tonne of cigarettes washed down with a gallon of whiskey. After attaining 1st Runner-up titles at 2009’s Yamaha Asian Beat and Malaysia’s Global Battle Of The Bands, KP went on to slay the big stage with slots at Rock The World, Urbanscapes and Baybeats in Singapore. It seems like the protocol for this dynamic band is to leave the nest and fly towards greater rock glory.

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