Kyoto Protocol: An Album (Monsoon)

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Prior to An Album (unofficially and cheekily pronounced “anal bum”) you will need to see them live to understand why this local band has been one of the fastest rising bands in the past year.

Kyoto Protocol is at their best live because, let’s face it, not many bands out there really know how to engage the crowd as performers. Add that and the fact that Kyoto Protocol has really good songs and we’ve got a winner. Now that their debut has been finally released, we have some issues… For one, despite An Album being called for what it is, their long awaited debut isn’t so much an LP but rather a mini-album consisting of only 5 tracks of original material – which could mean that it won’t satisfy your Kyoto-itch.

Still, from opener ‘Mosquito’, you’ll be hard pressed to restrain yourself from tapping your feet and singing out loud – even in the office. The magic happens after the notorious single ‘Pussycat’ when you reach the last 2 songs (‘Gimme Nothing’ and ‘Never Know’). Unfortunately, this is when you realise the fun has come to an end and you’d need to start over all over again. Replay is a good function to have and so is this mini album!

LISTEN TO: ‘Gimme Nothing’
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