Kultur Estrada: Music From The East!

For a while now, we’ve been wondering how our brothers and sisters across the sea were doing music-wise. We often hear about Zee Avi, who is a great success, but we think it’s about time the other music acts from that corner of the world should be heard! Thankfully, Orgkampong Production and Seventh Tribe Studio have banded together to free us from our ignorance. Kultur Estrada is a joint effort between the two, and their main goal is to shine a spotlight onto the art and entertainment scene in Sarawak.

Kultur Estrada means ‘street culture’ in Italian, but this project means more than the a roadside pizza. A non-profit media provider, they are looking to prove that independent movements can actually develop a stronger fan base as compared to mainstream ones. They’re kicking off with 22 episodes of their online series, Acoustic Live Session, which will be aired every two weeks. Don’t let the Plain Jane name fool you though, the series will be a showcase of singers, bands and rappers from around Sarawak, where they’ll perform 2 songs in the studio as well as be interviewed.

We’re stoked to see the development of Kultur Estrada as it opens us up to a whole new world!

The first episode of Kultur Estrada: Acoustic Live Session features Sarawakian rock band Mayze. Click on the video below to check it out, or visit their Youtube page here. For more information on Kultur Estrada, visit their website here