Kula Than Evah!

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Known for their interest in traditional Indian music, culture, and mysticism; the legendary British psychedelic rock band Kula Shaker is on their very first Asian tour and it’s awesome that on 5th August they’ve chosen to play KL!

Reformed in 2004, Kula Shaker is making their fans scream for more at their full comeback. The band is releasing their latest album Pilgrim’s Progress end of this June with the hit single ‘Peter Pan RIP’ available now for download at their official website. Nevertheless loyal fans will attest that Kula Shaker’s best include ‘Tattva’, ‘Hey Dude’, ‘Govinda’, ‘Hush’, and ‘Sound of Drums’. Om.

Restored to a 4-piece, outspoken frontman Crispian Mills, bassist Alonza Bevan, drummer Paul Winter-Hart, and keyboardist Harry Broadbent are determined to drive the crowd wild on their upcoming show in KL. Fans of Kula Shaker, click here for more info on the event.

Check out this video of ‘Hush’ by Kula Shaker live in Haldern Pop Festival 2008 below:


Check out Kula Shaker’s official website at http://www.kulashaker.co.uk/ and more info on this event in Facebook (click here).