Kula Shaker @ KL Live

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We were all in one-ness over the fact that Kula Shaker rocked our city for the first time. The Brit rock act that shot to fame during the late 90s proved to be a formidable force on stage. Arguably though, a number of the audience which barely made up half of the venue came out of novelty, to re-live those Uni moments between tossing back a few with your mates and cramming six months worth of lectures into one night. But for whatever reasons people came, everyone left elated.Drabbed out in 60s acid wave outfits (especially striking were bassist Alonza Bevon and his funk me berretta and vest; and keyboardist Harry Broadbent who looked like the love child of Elton John and John Lennon), Kula Shaker took stage around half past eight while people were still trickling in.

It seems like they did their research on our Malaysian lax attitude. And for that reason, JUICE presumes they intentionally spent the first half hour playing their newer material knowing that the crowd would be late and only familiar with their older stuff. Hence, Crispian Mills and his merry bunch of Shakers saved up on the K ammo.

‘Hey Dude’, ‘Sound of Drums’ and ‘Tattva’ were the first familiar hits that got the crowd off to a frenzy of synchronised jumping and twirl-y hands in the air. JUICE went nuts when they suddenly broke into a cover of bi-polar singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston’s ‘True Love Will Find You’. With lyrics as simple as “Don’t be sad / I know you will / Don’t give up until / True love finds you in the end”, Kula Shaker took the acoustic folk song and redid it with their typical love-vibe and rolling basslines. Excellent!

The second half of their set consisted of more hits from the K album. Highlights were their reggae-d version of ‘Jerry Was There’, ‘Hush’ and all-out mystical spicy closer ‘Govinda’. Adding a touch of psychedelia were the neat lighting effects and background screen which displayed a myriad of Hindu-ish images and Mr Gracia’s profile shot during ‘Jerry Was There’.

As mentioned, everyone went back on a literal high note. We were safe. No fear of getting into accidents or such, as we were all blessed. For that night at least.

Kula Shaker brought the tabla to the table at KL Live on Thursday 5 August 2010. Trip out to the photos in our gallery. Big love bites to Soundscapes for bring them in!

Image Ricky Sow

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