Kugiran Malaya: Electro Rockerfellas

If you’re looking for polished music but don’t want the usual rock kangkang then check out the experimental electro rock of Kugiran Malaya.

The trio consists of Shazmyl (vocal/guitar) and fellow actors Shahrol (bass/drum) and DJ Nas-T (turntables). Although it’s still radio-friendly stuff, KM’s songs have that laid back Malaysian feel. With sampled drums and scratches at just the right spots, the band’s melodies are stickier than earwax.

Songwriter Shazmyl relates that since all of the band members are involved in TV and film production work outside of the band, they rarely have time to rehearse, hence their need to rely on drum machines and programmed beats.

It hasn’t stopped them from selling out their self-titled debut EP. That’s right folks – 500 EPs and 200 t-shirts sold within their 1st 6 months as a band. Which makes JUICE wonder, should we call this experimental anymore?

Hook up with Kugiran Malaya (Kugiran Malaya Records) at www.myspace.com/kugiranmalayaonline and take note of ‘Epilog Cinta’.