Krink, The Ink of Champions

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Walk down any back alley in any given city and you’re likely to find graffiti, but what you may not know is the story behind the ink of choice for young vandals, or better known as Krink. Over the last 15 years, Krink is the premiere brand for taggers worldwide, and it’s just getting bigger, better and wetter.

The story starts with a young graf, KR, who, back in the day, looking for a way to leave his mark on the likes of New York city and San Francisco. Back in the early days of graffiti art, everything was DIY. You would steal the paint, look for illegal spots, mostly train yards, and experiment with different styles, tools and paint to make your own unique mark. In the late 80’s, grafitti art moved from the train yards to the streets, and people need more mobile tools to quickly leave their art, as the homemade markers were too messy to carry around and the paint would fade in the sun.

KR made his own big, drippy makers and ink to leave his tags and soon began selling it in Brooklyn, where the silver paint began to dominate the city in the late 90’s. These days Krink is now shipped state side to Russia to Bangkok, and Krink markers are widely renowned in the graf community. KR has even gone on to work with the likes of Nike, Kidrobot, BMW and the latest, Absolut.

The legendary ink is known by its silver colour and drippy, splashy consistency. It’s said that Krink is unfadeable and writes on any surface. You can see in all its glory below as its slathered all over a vodka bottle. Graf artists beware, this video might make you want to go out and leave your mark!


Krink just teamed up with Absolute and you can check out the other videos here. For more on Krink, check the website for art, updates and latest products.