Krewella: How to Rock and Rave


You don’t always see trios making it big in the EDM scene. The last time that happened, their departure left a legacy so immense only for them to quickly come back from retirement with a couple of ‘additional shows’ (read: Swedish House Mafia). But fresh off the stages of Ultra Music Festival 2013 in Miami and Coachella 2013, Krewella seems to be heading in the right direction. The best thing about this trio? They’re 2part Pakistani beauties and 1part multi-talented producer. JUICE speaks to Krewella sisters, Yasmine and Jahan.

So you’re currently in the middle of recording your new album that’s set to release this year and you’re touring at the same time. How’s that like?
Jahan We’re working on our full-length album, and it should be released before the end of 2013. I really like to work on the road, but we really don’t write and produce much while we’re travelling, because it’s pretty exhausting with flying back and forth across the country. But when we get back to LA, we have studio sessions and we get right back into writing.

Working in a trio can’t be easy- especially for you girls on vocals as well. Can you tell us how it works at gigs?
J Well just a bit of background, Yasmine and I are sisters, and Kris is an old friend of ours that I met in high school. We produce and write our own music, besides a couple of collaboration we had coming out, it’s a lot of our own original creations that are coming out from the studio. How it translates to a live setting, the 3 of us DJ, so we’re doing live mixing, and then we have vocals. So it’s almost like a DJ-live hybrid set.

You guys recently played at Ultra Music Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, which must have been massive. Tell us about it.
J It was an honour to be called for UMF because last year we were wishing that we were there. So the fact that we got to play was amazing. We had a time slot midday where the sun was still up and we were so psyched. The crowd was really packed – they were actually seeping over the sides. The streets where people walk through to areas with different stages, it was over filled. It was amazing.

Are there any collaborations that you guys are working on?
We’ve collaborated with Nicky Romero on a new song, it’s called ‘Legacy’, and we recently played a live set with him at Coachella. There’s also a few other collaborations coming up, with some DJs who are really good with dubstep, d’n’,b and we’re really looking forward to bringing that with our new album.

If there were a genre that was made just for Krewella, what would it be called?
Yasmine Rock and rave. Rock because Jahan is a really big fan of hardcore rock and we include some of those influences in our lyrics and live performances. And of course, rave is where all the house, dubstep and d’n’b are.

Any plans to tour Asia? Malaysia, to be more specific?
J Yeah most definitely! We’ve been getting a lot of tweets from Malaysia, a lot of love from Asia. But we haven’t got any near plans just yet. We’re definitely considering it, though.
Y We are going to play in Seoul,South Korea this June, and that’s for Ultra Korea, and we’re really psyched to see what’s in Asia for us.

You can listen to Krewella’s Play Hard EP on or visit their website at for more details.