Koko Asia Launch @ Barsonic

JUICE was running aorund like a Michael Jackson with his hair on fire last Friday with the number events going down. They were a helluva lot of cellphone launches and despite showig our mugs round at every one of them, we left dejected having won zero number of handphones in the lucky draws. Pah. We only had one final stop to make at the end of the night, and that was the launch of Koko Asia launch at Barsonic, which we were pretty excited about. We had no expectations, just an anticipation for  a whole lot of live music a good time and if we the tides of our fortune were um fortunate enough to change perhaps that trip to London that was up for grabs. Wowee!

We certainly must be special! Tonight was Koko’s first event held outside of UK and lined up were the likes of  The Standards from UK/Thailand, Simon Subsonic of Koko UK, local band Deserters, infamous resident DJs Twilight Actiongirl and DJ Johnny Mayo from Kokoasia.com.

There was no better was to kick off the ruckus than with an awesome DJ set courtesy of Johnny Mayo. Throwing indie rock, drum ‘n’ bass and all that electro into the blender, it was wicked and had us pumped for what was to come. Then surprise, surprise, the one and only Asha Gill sauntered onto the stage to make the launch official. Local band Deserters fronted by Zach Yusof followed with their brand of haunting rock, which was pretty impressive. We dig. Next up was The Standards. Looking all UK-stylee, it was plain to see London’s in da house! They were entertaining for sure, but when some cheesy hooks hit the floor it got us cringing a little. Guess that’s how they do it in London town….

The concept of live acts in Barsonic could take some getting used to though. We’re more accustomed to hitting the club for the DJ to work us up into a frenzy on a Friday Night out. It’s certainly an education…. and having said that, the club was packed and music was entertaining. Too bad we didn’t win a trip to London though. Booo… (See, now you know the jig ain’t fixed.)

When that’s was done, it was time for Simon Subsonic to hit the decks. There were a lot of awkward moments and you could see him looking over to the Twilight Actiongirl boys for approval. It all came together eventually proving good enough for the people who got to channel their inner podium-lovin’.

Verdict: One of those nights that started promising, but didn’t quite meet up to expectations. Still it’s early days yet. This could be one to watch.

The Koko Asia Launch featuring he Standards, Simon Subsonic, Deserters, Johnny Mayo and Twilight Actiongirl went down at Barsonic on 5 June. Head over to www.kokoasia.com to find out more and go look at the piccies in our Gallery.