KL’s School Of Dubstep: Mutant Dub 101

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Here at JUICE we have two gulity pleasures: dubstep and giving love to the home grown scene. If you’ve been following the dubstep scene that has been kicking up a storm the last few months here in KL, you’ve likely heard the name H3, if not get ready to meet the professor who’s gonna school you in Mutant Dub 101

With a heap of online hype already, H3’s first EP on dubstep tracks is sure to take over the dancefloor. This 4 track wonder was produced Harith (H3) and Co-Produced by Rooks Buitenissig and features Jin Hackman and Halfway Kings’ Adeline Chua. Mutant Dub 101 drops March 11 so get ready bassheads for a filthy, 4 track fury. Buy it on Beatport, order it from the Bass punks website, or pick it up at the Badger Store.

Keep up with H3 at his soundcloud page. Pick up the album and let us know your thoughts!

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