KL’s Got The JUICE

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No, it’s not by us. We wish! It’s the store photo we found on Clotinc.com the other day. This Hong Kong store is spreading its wings to the South East Asian region with its 1st store outside the territory, right here in our town. Bangsar, to be precise. This Malaysia JUICE store will carry the same stuff you’ll see in JUICE Hong Kong, which includes Clot apparel, Nike, Adidas, OriginalFake by Kaws, Headporter, Headporter Plus, Medicom Toys and a whole lot more. It’s a HK takeover!

The JUICE store will be launched on 20 June on Jalan Telawi 5 located right beside McDonald’s. Clot owners Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, local partner Edwin Choong of Sole What? and Hong Kong actor Sam Lee are gonna show themselves on opening day, so you don’t need to be a fortune teller to know chaos is gonna ensue. Besides the ribbon-cutting, a lion dance takes place for prosperity and luck. So park yourself there early or be prepared to navigate by the sound of the drums alone, it’s gonna be massive!

The store will be launched on Saturday 20 June. JUICE KL store is located at 46 & 46-1, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, KL.