KL Slam Jam Kicks Off!

KL Slam Jam is happening tomorrow! Check out as rapper goes against rapper as they fight to prove who is the best to win it. Here are the 16 rappers that are going to battle it out for RM2000 in cash at the Slam Jam Qualifier at Maison this Saturday.

So the 16 rappers that are to battle it out this Saturday is Dugod, Stiff, Zain Azrai, IBI, Prodigy, Lazy Bizzle, AfroJam, Adam Nubian, Double Dice, Tact, 2Dope, Levonte XL47, Half Eyez, Ash, Aaron Lui and Masterpiece. So catch these guys battle their way through the qualifier to reach the semi finals!

The battle starts at 11pm sharp so be there early so that you don’t miss any of the excitement! Let’s go!