KL Police Chief Pleads For Motorists To Stop Reporting Roadblocks And Police Presence On Waze

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source: NST

We’ve come a long way from relying on road maps to get to our destinations. Thanks to the help of apps like Waze, we don’t even have to plan routes as the app does all the work for us.

If you’ve ever used Waze before, you’d know that it comes equipped with various features including one which allows drivers to report of police presence within a certain area.

On that note, Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim has recently urged the public to stop posting police presence and roadblock updates onto the navigation app as he believes it could aid traffic offenders in evading the police.

source: Paul Tan’s Automotive News

According to BERNAMA, Datuk Azmi believes that these updates could disrupt enforcement operations against motorists driving under the influence of alcohol as well as those who commit other traffic offences.

He wants the public to be more aware of the risks that drunk drivers, people who run red lights and people who drive against the flow of traffic could pose to them.

source: NST

“Those who have never been affected by the misfortune caused by the carelessness and negligence of traffic offenders, will not be able to feel the pain and suffering victims’ families have to endure.

“And that is why it is my hope that the public, especially road users, will cooperate with the police instead of trying to help those who commit road offences,” said Datuk Azmi.