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I’ve been getting updates from not one, but two separate groups of people who’ve been itching to educate the masses on hip hop culture. (I can’t say who they are yet, because everything’s still on the ground floor, and you know how things are at that level. 50/50 chance of survival, yes?) Anyway, they’re looking at conducting a series of workshops where hip hop musicians, graff artists, b-boys and plain old lovers of the culture can get together and compare notes. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time. I remember Haze and Zion I coming down for Salem Innovation Sessions… yeah, that was as close as we got to a community get together. It’s about time people who love the culture disseminate and share their knowledge on a grassroots level. Get some local veterans to talk, put on some classic records (vinyl, please, no sissy CDs or MP3s!), do an emceeing tutorial, have a screening of Wild Style. Yeah. That would rock on so many levels.

Here’s what hip hop legend KRS-One has been doing Stateside to save hip hop from bling bling excess. It’s called the Temple of Hip Hop, and it might inspire the aforementioned would-be organisers to step up their game. Get to it, rude boys!

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