KL Design Week 2010

After a successful run at the 1st ever KL Design Week last year, its back again with a refreshing new concept! KL Design Week promises that 2010 comes with a “new logo, new mission, new line-ups and a new objectives aiming to be bigger, bolder and better!”

The theme this year will be ’20/10′, which actually symbolizes 20 showcases in 10 locations. 20 International designer superstars going hand-in-hand with 10 Malaysian masters and also 20 Designs Discourse/10 Exhibitions during KLDW 2010.

Spanning over a period of 2 weeks, there are programmes like ‘The Business of Design Evening’, ‘F&B+Design Sessions’, and ‘Street & Bistro Music Fest’ that will be joining the annual array of event lineups, which includes the exhibitions, installations, and conferences from minds from the design world.

‘The Windcatcher’ – Curate by Super Nature
“Seoul Design Olympiad Awards -Honorable Mentions”

‘The Windcatcher’ represents the flow of air and moving in motion. It is an art exploration of searching feeling, color, motion and visualization in a space. This installation is designed like an experimental laboratory which translates wind energy to visualization. “The Windcatcher” embraces a new understanding of nature forces and bringing back our childhood dreams and memories. It conveys good messages pertaining to our natural environment and the connection between human and nature.

Super Nature is an art exploration in finding the simplicity & purity of natural forms, which creates balance and appreciation of life. Nature can be infinitely simple, simple enough to give us experiences, thoughts and inspiration for a better future.

Back for the second year, the Super Motion Conference is set to explore and dig into the world of motion graphics and animation design. participants introductory insights into the world of animation from some of the world’s top designers, this second volume promises to delve deeper, providing perspective of the many layers on the subject matter. Speakers will share their expertise and knowledge on the processes involved in creating their motion design works, from the conceptualization up until implementation. This time around, there will be two sections, Anime Masters and Motion Masters. Each session with the Masters will include a presentation of creative works, including the technical how-to’s, as well a guidance on the business aspect of animation works. Concluding this will be a dialog between each speaker and the audience, a session of interaction and exchanging ideas, presenting their selective works, the ideas, the process and the outcome behind each unique design.

Typography has been around for as long as there were print, the Islamic, Dutch, and Chinese types. As one of the most important tool in graphic design, typography has the unassuming power that can make or break the design. Type is everywhere and most of the time was not being paid much attention to, yet paradoxically, successful type design is one that may be the key in dynamic graphic design. The Typography Conference is set to discuss and delve into the subject of modern typography design, ways of using it, as well as how to implement each kind of type into printing form. Four selected speakers with top-notch expertise in the area of typography will be presenting their selective works, the ideas, the process and the outcome behind each unique design.

The Typography Exhibition at the National Art Gallery will showcase the creative works of some of the most cutting-edge and unique typography designs from all over the world. Inspired by the endless possibilities of elements and medium, each creative design speaks for itself, communicating the message and ideas of the subject matter.

In this present time of the digital age, different channels for information continue to flourish, with the objective of compiling and providing the latest information and trends of the creative economy. This constant pursuit of creative integrity and inspirational ideas has led to the influx of independent creative-based magazines and media. Functioning as a source of information, these magazines seek to mainline the gist of the worlds’ most vibrant, exciting designs.

The Creative Magazines and Media Symposium serves as a platform for those who are currently involved or wishes to be involved into the world of creative magazines and media. 5 renowned editors with experiences in the creative media will be invited as speakers. They will talk about their philosophies on creative, how to develop and produce the most updated compilation of creative information in today’s environment, how they sourced out good designs from all over the globe, and showcase them on the respective media. The operational side of things will also be discussed, with technical how-to’s and the business perspective in publishing a creative magazine.

A dialogue session whereby invited speakers with years of experience in the industry will talk about elements of the design business, from start up, sustainability, and moving forward. It is a session for the aspiring young entrepreneurs to learn how to market their design, and learn to properly value their work and outsell the current environment of rotten and cheapo market.

Speakers from different regions from all over the world are invited to talk about the creative festivals in their respective cities. Topics of interest include the significance of a creative festival for the economic and social growth of a certain city, and the many different aspects that make a certain design festival unique from the others. Speakers will also share their insights on the festival from their respective cities, what they have tooffer and elements that can be cultivated.

Starting from this year, KLDW will host a Design Icon who has successfully carved a name in the industry. A dialogue session will be held, in which the acknowledged Design Icon will share about his or her experience on the creative industry, from how they made the break through, the journey so far, as well as insights and dreams in the world of art and design.

A collective exhibition featuring a diverse range of digital artworks created by Malaysia’s Young Emerging Designers. It is an exploration of the new media art, how its complex effects influences the way we perceive, think and feel, just like conventional art does. These individuals were chosen to exhibit their works at the Malaysia National Art Gallery, for their passionate spirit of love towards art and design blooms on the canvas of their digital artworks. Pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic expressions, they had explored some of the most interesting and vibrant mediums of digital art. This new wave of digital art reflects and definines the new breed of intellectual, technological, and artistic youth of today’s Malaysia. The exhibition intends to boost the potential and diversity of Malaysian Digital Art, to sanitise the public image of Digital Art and to enhance the international perception of Malaysian art by celebrating its beauty in a contemporary environment.

F & B + D (Food & Beverage + Design)
A new addition to the KLDW component this year, this exhibition combines the glitzy world of dining with the eclectic world of design. Each designers or a design team will be paired with a restaurant to collaborate on shaping a new space of design with the purpose providing a new dining experience. Each participating restaurant will have a section dedicated for this exhibition for the duration of KLDW 2010. Designers will work on what they have to elevate the section into something new, displaying their works of art and design, tweaking with the menu, or designing the new space altogether. Diners will get a new sense of dining, savouring their meals whilst reaping in a stylish new way of dining.

KLDW 2010 will be held from1st – 15th May 2010. For more info log on to www.kualalumpurdesignweek.com.my or www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21201495764