Kisai Sensai Watches

Japanese people are so damn innovative, we gotta wonder if it’s omething they eat. We eat loadsa seaweed too but all it does is make us poop regular. For Japanese brand Sensai however, the result is this new fangled gizmo – the Kisai series.  Made of lightweight and high-grade aluminum, this piece of shiny wrist equipment is so future, it’s possible even aliens wouldn’t know how to work it. Er, we barely do. 

A head turner for sure, the case and strap come in a choice of colours and an adjustable one-piece bracelet ensures that it fits all wrist sizes. Sweet! Multicoloured LEDs sit beneath the sleek black acrylic lens. The rotating LEDs brings the watch to life. Alternating for 12 minutes, animated watches rock. One single touch initiates a rotating animation before a second touch reveals what time it is. Telling the time however is a lot like working out the answer to an advanced math equation. 12 red LEDs represent hours , 11 green LEDs groups of 5 minutes and 4 yellows signify the minutes. That noise you hear, that’s your brain working to figure it all out.

Source Tokyo Flash