King of Pop Leaves Us

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I found out Angel Farah Fawcett passed away from cancer last night before we headed to bed only to be awoken by the news of the death of the one and only Michael Jackson. Radios, music stores and offices everywhere have been heard playing musical tributes to the King of Pop today. Those who grew up with this icon will definitely be affected deeply by his loss. We know we are.  JUICE pays tribute to Michael Jackson.

According to reports, the 50-year-old singer fell ill at his Holmby Hills home in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. He was taken to the UCLA medical centre where he was pronounced dead at 2.26pm Pacific time (10.26pm BST). The self-styled king of pop had been due to perform 50 farewell concerts in London this summer, bowing out on an illustrious music career spanning several decades while aiming to resurrect his fortunes. The Los Angeles Times and CBS reported that Jackson arrived in a deep coma and was pronounced dead soon afterwards. The world went into mourning soon after and the frenzied outpouring of sorrow and grief have followed.

I’m sure so many of his fans were all waiting to see what his 50 farewell concerts would hold in store. The shock felt by all has meant that the topic has been highest  on everyone’s lips, unsurprisingly making it to Twitter’s Trending Topcs. MJ leaves us with great memories and great music that will live on forever.

Legends never leave us and Michael Jackson will be with us always. As El Toro Diablo posted on TMZ, “God bless you Michael, heaven just got another beautiful angel.”

A few words from the JUICE team:

“Feeling emotional this morning. It feels like the end of an era. Like I’ve lost a friend. Michael created music that made ordinary moments out of life exceptional. His music made things special. I remember seeing him and the Jackson 5 on Top of the Pops. And the first time I went to a kids disco at 8 I felt sick with all the sounds and lights but it was Michael and the Jacksons soundtracking that. Who could escape his music: Off The Wall, Thriller…. That was all the music I was surrounded by growing up. He had a hard but interesting life and deserved a more fitting end. Like Peter Pan you wanted him to live forever. I know I did. MJ RIP.”
Muna Noor

“Michael Jackson is the definition of music to me. It was love at first sight when I saw his music videos on TV. Every day I would annoy my family members by playing that recorded Michael Jackson music videos to a VHS tape, which kept me from bugging them for attention. I’d dance all dance and pretended I was Michael Jackson. Until today, his music never gets old. Receiving the news about his passing got me crying this morning when the radio played ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘You Are Not Alone.’ He led a bizarre lifestyle, but it was his music that will live in us forever. For me, it was the memory of each song growing up. Words can’t express how much Michael Jackson means to me. Rest in peace to the coolest guy ever.”
Kevin Yeoh

“Today is the day pop music died. When I was a kid, Michael Jackson was the coolest guy in the world. Man that guy could move! He had style and attitude but wasn’t your typical decadent rockstar. I don’t think there was a single kid in my school that hadn’t heard of him. It was a simpler time. We believed we could change the world and Michael tought us how by starting with the ‘Man in the Mirror’. And as I look into the mirror today, I hope he’ll be remembered for that.”
Ben Liew

“You think you’ve planned out your life and you know where this road is going to take you. Friends and family, they surround you physically but usually are taken for granted that you’ll see them anyway, after work, tonight or maybe tomorrow after that mamak session- after your futsal match. And then one day it hits you. Death. All those coulds, woulds and shoulds in your head will all mean nothing after the person you love is gone. Here’s to Michael Jackson, he may not be your father, brother or uncle but he has grown up with us. Through his music we’ve experienced joy (‘Happy’), sadness (‘She’s Out Of My Life’), fear (‘Thriller’), compassion (‘You Are Not Alone’) and even hope (‘Heal The World’). Through Michael Jackson’s movies, songs, and moves he has inspired so many to be the performers that they are today and in turn inspiring the next generation to come. Michael Jackson may have died with controversy around him, but it will not tarnish the star of an icon that he will forever be.”
Miranda Yeoh