Kiehl’s x Adventure Ecology

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Kiehl’s products include fragrances, sunblocks, oils, makeup, lip balms, and moisturisers but best of all they are known to be all natural, and do not contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. So it isn’t hard to see that the environment takes top spot for this cosmetics company. It’s only natural then that Kiehl’s should step in to sponsor The Plastiki Expedition, led by environmental storyteller David De Rothschild, founder of Adventure Ecology.

The Adventure Ecology, founded in 2005, harnesses the power of dreams, adventures and stories in order to inspire, educate and engage individuals, communities and industry to become agents of change. David and his crew will set out on an epic voyage across the Pacific Ocean that will span 11,000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney, in a 60 foot catamaran constructed of Post-Consumer plastic bottles, srPET and recycled waste.

What has that got to do with saving the enviroment? David and his crew’s eventual goal is to encourage society to see waste differently by recycling and alter views on waste as a reusable resource. Called Upcycling, the term was coined by eco-architect Willian McDonough, and encourages consumers to take something that is otherwise disposable and transform it into something of greater use and value.

“We are honoured to support David and his crew on their mission to raise awareness about plastic waste in our oceans. This epic journey motivates our continuous commitment to use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, recycled materials and biodegradable ingredients whenever possible, and encourage our customers to recycle their used plastic bottles at Kiehl’s,” said Patrick Kullenberg, General Manager of Kiehl’s Worldwide.

Kiehl’s has an ongoing commitment, a pledge that they follow worldwide such as minimising package use, launching a recycling campaign in some of their stores, and also upcycling many of the returned bottles into new, functional items for future in-store use. Hear ye!

Kiehl’s products are available through its stores at Pavilion, One Utama, and Mid Valley Megamall in KL.

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