Kiehl’s X Bionic Yarn X Pharrell Williams: Limited Edition Eco-Tote

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Environmental issues have always been close to the hearts of Kiehl’s. The brand known for fine quality skin and hair care that prides itself on only using natural ingredients. To celebrate Earth Day this April, Keihl’s has teamed up with Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. for the “Recycle and Be Rewarded” program.

Working with Return Textiles, a manufacturer of eco-friendly materials and the innovator of Bionic®Yarn technology, and musician/producer Pharrell Williams, Keihl’s is encouraging customers to not only recycle their used Keihl’s bottles, but to think about inventive ways they can upcycle waste.

Customers who participate in the Kiehl’s Recycle and Be Rewarded Program by recycling their empty product bottles, jars, and tubes at local Keihl’s stores will be offered a Limited Edition Eco-Tote. Designed exclusive for Keihl’s by Pharrell Williams, each tote is manufactured from Bionic®Yarn fabric which is made from fibers collected from nine plastic bottles!

To get your hands on the limited edition tote by Pharrell Williams, just bring your empty bottles and jars to your local Keihl’s stores this April and be rewarded. For more info on Keihl’s, log on to

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