VIDEO: ‘Elak Elak’ – When It Comes to Settling the Score, Kidd Santhe Does It on the Court

Kidd Santhe’s recently released single ‘Elak Elak’ sees the bilingual rapper going full Bahasa (well, almost), flexing his local street slang like a pro #dak2wicet. Like his previous tracks, amidst the hip hop trope of confrontational braggadocio is Kidd’s lyrical leitmotif; a sort of subversion of machismo with a humbling down of his own ego (“Korang ingat korang siapa? [Who do you think you are?] / Aku cam biasa je [I’m not affected]”). The video, a joint effort between Haverhuck VHS and the song’s own co-writer and composer DJ Biggie, reflects this as an altercation between Kidd’s crew with another ended up with a basketball match as opposed to a gang fight. Don’t worry, they made better use of that bat later in the video.

Watch the MV below:

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