Khairil M Bahar is That Guy that Did that Thing that Time

Khairil does things without any other purpose than “that sounds cool, let’s do that,” which is a great explanation for his many talent. For a man of his calibre, the title That Guy that Did that Thing that Time is aimed to poke fun at himself and his work. “Not many people know me or anything I’ve done. I can’t hustle to save my life. So the title is kinda how I feel others see me,” said the writer, director, editor, musician (dan lain lain), and overall self-proclaimed all-round busy beaver. However, the past few years have led Khairil to move with purpose, so when a chance to do something out of pure pleasure arises, he hopped along together with his wife Eva Emmanyna to organise That Guy that Did that Thing that Time.

After neglecting photography for a long time, Khairil’s wife suggested an exhibition after the two revisited some of Khairil’s old photos. Never a career for him, photography was always just a hobby and after 23 years of snapping various subjects, Khairil decided it’s time to showcase his images – ranging from skate photos, street photography, candids to portraits – at this one night only event. A filmmaker for over 10 years, Khairil’s prolific streak of work includes low budget flicks such as Ciplak (which won the Anugerah Skrin 2006 for ‘Best Alternative Film’) and Relationship Status, a well-received film starring some the country’s top personalities like Tony Eusoff, Baki Zainal, Pete Teo, and many more. We don’t want to bombard this page with everything Khairil does, but the event will end with a few songs from ska-punk band Khaimano, a trio Khairil is also a part of. So come join this unpretentious and casual photography exhibition for a change, we heard they got chips and dips too.

For more detail, follow the event page here and show support for Khairil and his band