VIDEO: Film Director Khairil M. Bahar’s Got Some Serious Stalking Skills on ‘Only On Facebook’

You’ve probably heard the name Khairil M. Bahar on some level – either as the guy who made cult movie Ciplak or the name attached to a random b-boy movie. Those in the band scene would remember him as the lucha libre mask-wearing frontman of Y2K, and it seems that he hasn’t quite retired from music-making just yet. As Khaimano, Khai goes for the comedic route that often comes with most ska-punk outfits. This is best exemplified on ‘Only On Facebook’ – seemingly a humorous extension of his film Relationship Status – which doesn’t sound out of place at a gig like Reza Salleh’s Moonshine series had it attracted more overt creepos as opposed to acoustic guitar-wielding stealth creepos. With a music video entirely made by screencapturing real Facebook pages, the song should be relatable to anyone who ever had to endure a Facebook stalker – or as Khai says it, “Dedicated to every lady [who’s] ever had some weirdo bug them on FB.”

Watch the MV below:

Listen to The Ballad of Justin Guber EP here.