KFC to Introduce Vegetarian Fried ‘Chicken’

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(Source: Pixabay)

This is a sure sign that the apocalypse is approaching…

Veganism and vegetarianism have been going strong with every documentary released that exposes the malpractices of the food industry. This has affected major fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald’s, both rebranding themselves globally to face a changed market. Well, as long as they still have their meat options for us meat lovers, everything should be fine I guess?

(Source: KFC/joc.com)

According to Foodbeast, KFC is searching for healthier alternatives to include in their menu so that they can hop on the health-craze bandwagon, and vegetarian chicken is one of them. The details on the healthy menu option have not been released but they did announce that their plant-based invention will have the same mix of 11 spices as their original fried chicken.

However, this vegetarian option will only be available in the UK for now. KFC plan to test their new vegetarian recipe on customers this year and launch it officially in 2019.

(Source: McDonald’s/Business Insider UK)

Just recently, McDonald’s came out with their vegetarian burger option–the McVeggie–made out of green peas, onions, carrots and corn wrapped in a crispy breading. According to World Of Buzz, its taste was centred around the spices instead of the vegetables.

Perhaps KFC’s new veg-chicken recipe would taste similar knowing that it still has their signature mix of spices.

In your opinion, what will the chicken be made out of? Let us know in the comments. 

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