Kenneth Leow’s Wolfsheep EP Launch – a New Singer-Songwriter to Watch Out For

Date Mon, 10th Apr '17
Time 7pm
Venue The Bee, Publika

If Kenneth Leow isn’t a familiar name to you, then the launch of his debut EP Wolfsheep could change that. Like the quintessential Asian kid, the Johor Bahru-native had been trained on the piano and organ when he was just three years old before taking up classical guitar in his early teens – of which greatly influenced his current finger style of playing. With inspiration coming from folk legend himself, Bob Dylan, and the indie folk of Passenger, his sound could be as political as they’re of simpler themes that resonate universally – all under one constant, a children’s storybook aesthetic. Wolfsheep EP – in itself a reference to the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” of Aesop’s fables – exemplifies this notion best, with singles ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ and title track ‘Wolfsheep’ being about the nostalgia of friendship and a call-to-action for the common man respectively. Brendan De Cruz, Psytrus, The Propositions, Endee Ahmad, and Otam will support the launch. The EP is available on all streaming platforms and digital stores on the same date as the launch.

Watch the music video to ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ below:

Listen to ‘Wolfsheep’ below:

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