Pop-Up Record Shops, Open Turntable Sesh & More! ‘Kena Sound’ is The Perfect Event for Vinyl Lovers

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(source: Kena Sound)

You don’t need me to tell you that vinyl is back – it has always been there! As much as it’s a niche affair for audiophiles, I can’t deny that I have seen some cool kids posing with their latest turntable purchase on Instagram.

So, whether you’re an audiophile, a casual collector, a vinyl connoisseur seeking out hidden gems, or just someone looking to flex some wax on the ‘gram, this event at Nero Event Space at PJPAC, 1Utama, Petaling Jaya on 6 Aug has something for everyone!

Organised and curated by music collectors for other music collectors, Kena Sound will be held in a relaxed setting with music discussions, pop-up music stalls, record shop storytelling, video screenings, open turntable sessions and more.

Since it’s all about music, taking centre stage fittingly are the formats of yesteryear – the vinyl, CDs and cassettes highlighted at the event.

So far, a curated list of music vendors and pop-up record shops like Sputnik Rekordz, Crossroad Records, LP Freak Store, Tandang Store, MusicRecords2U, Waste Records, Amused To Death, Peluru Dalam Perahu, Cosmic Rays Comics & Records and more has confirmed their attendance.

Rumour has it – 60 vendors will be there for your crate-digging pleasure!

For illustration purposes only (source: WIRED)

Music discussions that will be happening at the Kena Sound stage at 3 pm will include Datuk Kamil Othman – the legendary radio presenter of The Alternative Rock Show in the 90s, Studio Bayangan – an artist-based outfit, Tokosue – an independent bookshop in KL, and CultKids – a pop culture artist-designer.

Disko Santan, a Nusantara funk-based deejay outfit, CJ Oli (a cassette tape enthusiast and tape deejay) and Wakmy (a soul disco deejay) will be some of the deejays playing sweet tunes throughout the day.

“Kena Sound is open to everybody, no matter the age. Young and old music collectors are equally important. The main idea is to recognise the music collector community’s role in keeping the (physical) formats alive despite how much streaming is the norm now,” says Chang OY, one of the members of the Kena Sound Crew, a group of music collecting enthusiasts.

“It might be a niche scene, but music collectors, especially vinyl lovers, are still building sizeable record collections at home. And we’re not talking about only older music fans here. In the last 10 years, young vinyl collectors here have given the vinyl revival a youthful outlook. Malaysians – no matter the age – still care about physical formats, and Kena Sound is an event to welcome these people,” he adds.

See you there!

Kena Sound event details:

Venue: Nero Event Space, PJPAC, 1 Utama E

Date: Saturday, 6 Aug 2022

Time: 11am-8pm

Free admission

For more updates and to keep up with Kena Sound crew, follow them on Instagram.

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