LISTEN: Johorean Rapper Kayczar is Smooth AF on ‘Talk About You // Punctuation’

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source: Kayczar

Hailing from Johor Bahru, Kayczar’s debut mixtape Excursions showed an aptitude for both the trendy in hip hop and also what came before today’s wavelength – similar to what Joey Bada$$ is doing now. New single ‘Talk About You // Punctuation’ expands on his acumen for balancing those two disparate influences while doubling down on his more leftleaning tendencies. Over a jazzy beat straight out of the Oakland scene (think late Souls of Mischief), the ‘Talk About You’ half of the track has Kayczar delivering a deliberate, careful raspy flow and singsong-y chorus before punctuating it with a rapid fire denouement. There’s more to JB than just the Drill King it seems.

Listen to the song below:

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