LISTEN: Kayczar is On That Grind With Double Single ‘Perfect // Leanin’’

Johor Bahru-based Kayczar seems to be setting up a tradition of releasing double singles; our first coverage of him was of ‘Talk About You // Punctuation’, and now he’s just released ‘Perfect // Leanin’’ in celebration of his first thousand plays on SoundCloud. ‘Perfect’ has got Kay perfecting his gnarly flow for a tough guy braggadocio track whereas ‘Leanin’’ is the obligatory chill number paying ode to intoxication (if the name doesn’t already give that away to you) – while both songs could have sounded better with actual mixing, like their predecessors, these two are still a promise of what’s to come from Kayczar.

Stream ‘Perfect // Leanin’’ below:

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