Katy B: First Lady Of Bass

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For those of you who don’t get the heavy, sometimes disturbing, “whomp-whomp” sound that prevails in dubstep, Katy B is here to change your perceptions about the genre. When Katy took on Benga’s ‘Man On A Mission’ with her own version, ‘Katy On A Mission’-backed by dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man (consisting of Benga, Skream and Artwork)-the single flew to #1 on both the UK Dance and Indie charts, and further erupted on dancefloors all over the UK.
It seems like ages ago since an artist like this emerged onto the scene. Straight out from the streets of South London, Katy B’s (aka Katie Brien, formerly known as Baby Katy) vocals sound sweet and pure, almost angelic even-fine ingredients that have served her well in elevating the dubstep genre to a whole new level. While we still dig the filth and distortion that DJs like Excision, Skrillex and Datsik bring about, Katy has a way of winning us over with her mesh of dubstep, dnb, hip hop and garage.

Signed to the Rinse label of Rinse FM (which was labelled as London’s biggest pirate radio station until it was licensed this year), the 21 year old singer-songwriter has become one of the very few female artists to belong to an exclusive group of dubstep heavyweights-of which Skream, Distance, N-Type and Plastician are a part of. Working on her 1st album to be released this year, Katy has followed through with a handful of singles: ‘Perfect Stranger’, ‘Crossover’ and the new ‘Lights On’ with Ms Dynamite. She’s also collaborated with the who’s who of the grimy underground scene including Geeneus and The Count & Sinden.

Katy B seems to have emerged in the dubstep scene at the right time. With her silky voice and street-savvy rhymes, she could very well play a dominant role in making dubstep that much more accessible.


For more on Katy B, check out www.katyonamission.com and www.myspace.com/katyblondon.

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