Kasper Bjørke: Standing On Top Of Utopia (HFN)

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Danish prize export Kasper Bjørke comes from the heart of the thriving Copenhagen electronic scene. After more than a decade in the scene and a Danish Music Award for Best Producer, Standing On Top Of Utopia is a cross-genre journey through Kasper’s mature musical mind. Lashings of glittering analogue synthesizer jams, warm throbbing post-disco trips, heart-felt pop songs and dark electronic club tools are all present. With live instrumentation, standout track ‘Young Again’ sounds slightly like a club-centric Depeche Mode minus the dread. Still this might be too soft for some harden clubbers today.

Listen to: ‘Young Again’
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Rating: 2 1/5

Hit up some Danish beats at www.myspace.com/kasperbjorke.