Kasabian On The Farm?

Hi there. Instead of shouting out “Kasabian has swine flu!!!” directly in the headline and causing mass amok amongst fans here, JUICE is just going to tell you nicely. Yes, according to contactmusic.com, Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan has contracted swine flu.

The singer was admitted to a hospital in Sydney, Australia earlier this week after showing symptoms of the virus, believed to have been caught while on stop in Japan. To add to the horror, his bandmates also began feeling feverish, prompting doctors to order a quarantine of the entire band in their hotel rooms until they feel better.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno says, “We’re all sick as dogs, man. It’s pretty terrible. It’s a bit of a virus that we picked up in Japan. It’s so tough. I am confined to my hotel room and I look out and see the Opera House and the harbour and so want to be out there in it all.”

Kasabian has cancelled their gigs in Australia, but they remain optimistic that they will be able to perform in Malaysia for the massive MTV Worldstage concert this weekend, which will see over 15,000 screaming fans go nuts. Fingers-crossed people!

Source www.contactmusic.com