Kanye’s ‘Monster’ Leaked!


Vampires are so 2010 as Kanye’s moved on to straight up dead girls and boys. Continuing with the theme of a beautiful, dark and twisted fantasy, ‘Monster’ leaks onto the internet, so sit back, enjoy and excuse the bad sound quality.

No word from Kanye’s camp if this is the official video, but we hope so! With appearances from Rick Ross, Jay Z and not one, but two Nicki Minaj’s, this video keeps it dark and sexy. This is the third video from Kanye’s latest release My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy and we’re loving it! Keep it morbid Mr. West, it’s a good look.

UPDATE! Check out this rival video from the Muppets for ‘Monster’. Hmmm not sure which one we like better. Your thoughts?


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