Are These 2 Leaked ‘Ye Tracks with Migos, Young Thug, and A$AP Rocky the Result of His Mountaintop Self-Exile?

Because that’s just how music releases work in the internet age, last weekend not only saw Radiohead’s ‘I Promise’, an unreleased song from OK Computer, but two leaked tracks by Kanye West appeared out of nowhere as well. The troubled multihyphenate rapper had reportedly went on a self-imposed exile in a Wyoming mountaintop last month, which was said to be “all about creating music” after a string of questionable incidents post-The Life of Pablo; from vaguely supporting Trump to deleting his social media presence from the internet.

Leaked by Music Mafia, both ‘Hold Tight (feat. Migos and Young Thug)’ and ‘Euro (Switch Hands) (feat. A$AP Rocky)’ could be the result of that creative exile, though there’s no indication that the songs are part of a new record or project. While they don’t sound as boundary-pushing as you’d expect coming from ‘Ye – instead staying well within the featured artistes’ comfort zones – they’re, however, thematically interesting with the former fervently touching on race relations and the latter seeing Kanye’s reinvigorated ego flip-flopping between “underrated” to “overstated.”

Listen to ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘Euro (Switch Hands)’ below:

Kanye West deleted his Twitter and Instagram, but we guess you can still check out his official site if you’re expecting updates?