VIDEO: Machas On The Hunt For ‘Kaa$u’

For a song that was made in 15 minutes before the computer died, Klash and Jayskitz managed to churn out an anthem about something they knew all of us needed – money. Filmed at kampung areas in Klash’s hometown of Seremban and Jay’s hometown of Kg. Pasir, the duo got Dae Kim to visualise that modern man hustle with his still-in-development video-making skills. While they do what machas do (kicking it in the music video), the lyrics discuss the state of the world we live in right now as the guys go on about life’s currency, the current economic state, and aspirations of ballin’ like Tupac even after death. Jayskitz even said it, “Everyday I buy new Jatti,” because our man wants to be so rich that he could afford new briefs everyday. The fact that none of this shit comes for free — even underwear — is the message Klash and Jay send to all of us who hustle and bustle hard for that kaa$u.

Watch the music video to their new release before:

Watch this space for Klash and Jayskitz upcoming EP.