K-os: 1 2 3 4

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Yes, there is Celine Dion, but as the fomenting grounds of some sound hip hop, Canada has delivered Len, Vandal and K-os into our midst. Despite critical acclaim and being named Best International Hip Hop Artist at the Source Awards, global success has eluded Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Kevin Brereton. Until now we hope.

Predating Calvin Harris’ Twitter rant, K-os even went off on a NOW magazine writer on MySpace over a bad review. But don’t hold that against the guy. While he’s guested on The Chem’s single ‘Get Yourself High’, with Michael Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, The Roots and Stevie Wonder as his inspirations, K-os’ (an acronym for Knowledge Of Self) own material is a mix of rap, funk, rock and reggae gift-wrapped in a conscious, positive message missing from present-day hip hop.

Latest album Yes! is his 4th and features single ‘4 3 2 1’, a peace-preaching anti-war song so silken smooth and funky fresh it could have been written by Prince.

Count down to ‘4 3 2 1’ and click to the chaos at www.myspace.com/kos.

Check the official video for ‘4 3 2 1’: