Justin Chew x Nestwo Graphic Sweater

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Ever since Justin Chew’s debut of his main line in this year’s KLFW 2014, his name and potential have been talked about here and there. Inspired by ’90s hip hop for said line, it comes to no surprise that Justin’s next manoeuvre maintains the same aesthetics. Teaming up with graffiti artist NESTWO, the duo encapsulates the message of the different struggles you take in order to reach a destination. Using the standard graffiti tagging styling on the sweater with the words “Gift and Curse” as well as “Art is not a Crime”, Justin and NESTWO take a shot at the many stereotypes that people see graffiti artists as; poor, uneducated hoodlums. Personally, we dig sweaters with prints all over, when you rock ’em with tight baggy sweatspants or skinnies and a pair of sick Timb’s, your outfit game is just straight up one hunna’.

You can find the sweaters at Thisappear, Bangsar and LLL+, Sungei Wang Plaza once it hits the shelves on 27 September and 28 September respectively. Also, follow Justin Chew on Facebook and Instagram as well as NESTWO for more updates. 





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