Just Being Out On The Open Road

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Traditional festivities are aplenty in Malaysia. The major ones being Chinese New Year, Ramadhan, Deepavali — hah, almost forgot that didn’t you? It’s alright, so do shopping malls — and Christmas. These times usually mean packing an entire house into a car to balik kampung; we do this for two reasons: food and money. We mean, family. Family is what’s most important during these gatherings, alright?

As children, we thought every road trip was going to be exactly like the one Max and Goofy shared in A Goofy Movie — the sing-alongs, interactive rest stop areas with cute cut-outs to take photos in, and possibly meeting Big Foot. Who didn’t want that?! But of course none of that happened, but still to entertain ourselves, each time we saw a cow or a horse in an open field, we’d squeal as if we’d never seen one before.

As we grow older (having our own munchkins or not), our biggest concern — in terms of road trips — is a pleasant journey. Think about it, a person spends four hours driving to Penang, sometimes more because the jam spreads across the entire highway. And how many people have had their air-conditioning die halfway into a journey? When this happens, we begin contemplating how valuable a packet of Kuey Teow is (and what our friends would say if we didn’t bring it back in edible condition). Are we about this life? Yes. So, we’re constantly on the lookout for roadtrip-friendly cars to drive home with.

One of our favourite options is the Honda City. Besides its sleek design, guaranteed performance, and safety measures it’s taken (six Airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, and an Anti-Lock brake system to name a few) to ensure an enjoyable journey, it has a rear air-conditioning system which means those seated at the back won’t melt from the fire that is our heat; eight cup holders to keep drinks from spilling that also double as phone holders so you don’t wake up halfway wandering if your phone slipped under the front seat.

There’s also enough legroom to keep passengers free from cramps or from having to put carry-on bags in the boot, which brings us to our next point — the boot. It’s big enough to fit four nine-inch wide golf bags — enough space for your sisters to bring more than one bag each or your brothers to pack multiple sneakers. Lastly, it’s also got a pretty rad sound system. Hey, if we don’t have music blaring through the speakers — and this car has eight — we’d be falling asleep at the wheel. Plus, if we don’t get to see Big Foot, then at least we can listen to ‘Life Is A Highway’ about fifteen times.

So, for this Chinese New Year, if comfort, saving fuel — this car has an ECON mode to keep fuel efficiency at its highest — safety and a kick-ass sound system is as important to you as it is to us… then, ong the roads and drive home in a Honda City.

Honda City’s retail price begins at RM76,100. For more information on Honda dealers or its cars, click here

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