JUICE’s Valentine’s Day Soundtrack

Today is Valentine’s Day. The most important day of the year for young lovers, soft toy makers and Hallmark. It’s not that we’re cynical though. Just that we prefer to fete love a little differently. Like a day later when set meals don’t cost crazy money and without the strains of Sealion Dion in the background. To celebrate the occasion we got the JUICE team to pick 5 songs to soundtrack their Valentine’s Day.

Kevin Yeoh
Kevin is a romantic. Even if he ain’t into the flowers (they wilt) and chocs (he’s given up) he’s got soul. Celebrating the night with a DJ set surrounded by folks he calls friends and sharing drinks and music is a pretty darn good way to start V-day. This is his brown sugar.

‘In Love With You’ Erykah Badu wt. Stephen Marley
Simple guitar strums over 2 of the most distinctive vocalists around, it’s a throwback to the reggae/soul vibe and reminds me of the things I want to feel. Aww.

‘So Far To Go’ Common ft. D’Angelo
When I first heard this track, I fell in love and felt the love from this J Dilla production. This is what future hip hop sounds like. Who says hip hop is all hardcore and sh*t? Common is all love, baby!

‘Maps’ Yeah Yeah Yeahs
One of my earliest discoveries into rock music, this became that ultimate song to be in and out of love. Beautiful.

‘Anytime’ Brian McKnight
Classic R&B heartbreak song from the ultimate male R&B singer of our generation. Brings me back to school and my high school pen pal crush from Penang. Sobs.

‘You Got Me’ The Roots ft. Erykah Badu & Eve
Probably one of the best hip hop love track ever made with such class. When I first heard this, I was blown away by its simplicity and the sexy, almost-Latin beat, especially with Miss Badu on the track. I feel ya….


Ben Liew
Ben Liew was once convicted of mass loving at an illegal beach rave. An upright capitalist, Ben loves Valentine’s Day because he gets to scam clueless couples on the streets of Bukit Bintang where he poses as a freelance photographer with his Polaroid camera. Ben has reportedly had over a thousand lovers, though he claims to remember only 3. He believes in love but it doesn’t believe in him. Hence, the song selection he curated.

‘The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’ Morrissey
The title says it all. Clingy? Yes. Creepy? Maybe. Morrissey can’t say that the title of this song actually works but he did go full monty on the cover of his latest single, which really seems like a cry for attention. Maybe we’ve been ignoring him too long?

‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory’ Johnny Thunders
Some wise words from the ex-lead guitarist of the New York Dolls. Goes nicely with another one of his hits, ‘Born To Lose’.

‘She Don’t Use Jelly’ The Flaming Lips
Weird people do weird things. The girl in this song doesn’t use jelly but uses vaseline… on her toast! Kinda reminds me of my ex-girlfriend….

‘Hello I Love’ The Doors
I think Jim Morrison’s pick-up line only works if you’re a rockstar or, like him, the lizard king – “Hello, I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?”

‘Santeria’ Sublime
A song about tracking down your ex and the guy that stole her from you and popping a cap in him with your shinny new .45.

Muna Noor
Muna thought the best way to capture the thrill of being in love was by listening to her old mix tapes. Unfortunately she wasn’t so much “in love” back then as “in lame”. Completely uninspired by the day, because she think it’s creepy, exploitative and a little biblical (the animals go in two by two, etc), this is her playlist.

‘I Touch Myself’ Divinyls
Guys use this as a pick up line but this is a girl fessing up to some naughty fantasizing. As tracks go it’s pretty hot. Not music you’d make babies to – that would be Whitesnake or Billy Idol or Marvin Gaye or Maxwell but close. It’s the kind of song you’d undress to.

Dean Martin ‘Aint That A Kick In The Head’
You’ve gotta love the Rat Pack. If they were alive I’d have them as the wedding band. This swings with WTF wonder and 50s swagger, you wanna kick trash cans, sing in the rain and holler under verandahs. And if that’s gone over your head, it was featured on the Ocean’s Eleven soundtrack. Bleh.

‘Cocoon’ Jack Johnson
There’s an alternate universe and in it I wake up to Jack’s warm banana pancakes. Then as I’m licking the maple syrup off the plate, I watch as he emerges from the Hawaiian surf, rivulets of salt water glistening on his golden brown skin. Then I break his heart, and he sings this one to me. Haha.

‘Across The Universe’ The Beatles
Not so much a love song as one of emotional liberation , this John Lennon penned number was transmitted into space, and space is about the most romantic place there is what with all those stars. Flying someone to the moon, that’s for people with no ambition.

‘Don’t Falter’ Mint Royale ft. Lauren Laverne
Manchester big beat act Mint Royale team up with Kenicke’s Lauren Laverne and produce a song as bright as sunshine and as infectious as an STD. As close to the sound of love it was bottled up. Sigh….